About us

 Nolita is dedicated to deliver truly healthy and tasty snacks, suitable for diabetics, celiacs, peope who want to lose wait, people with low carb diets and everyone else who wants to have a healthy lifestyle. All our products are gluten free, vegan, with zero added sugars, high in fiber and a good protein source!  

What we do

We believe that healthy food also has to be delicious. 

Our purpose is to provide delicous products with no added sugar, high protein and high fiber, so everyone can easily have the best possible breakfast.All the sweetness provided comes from a natural sweetener with zero calories, zero sugar and zero glycemic index. Save time, receive your order at home conveniently and quickly, and eat delicious food that is also healthy.

Our Story

Nolita was founded by Fernanda Vasconcelos in 2019. 

She decided to change her family's diet. With a lack of options in the market for breakfast and snacks, Fernanda decided to start creating her own recipes at home. Between trial and error, she created an innovative and tasty granola that was a hit among her friends and family.

She noticed that a significant number of people were facing the same problem and wanted to help them. 

In 2021, ten new products hit the market, created with the help of constant customer feedback. Granola, pancake mixes, a prebiotic fiber, and a natural sweetener (with zero calories) are now available in the Nolita store.

Meet our team

Fernanda Vasconcelos

General Management and Sales

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Ana Armando

Marketing and Customer Support

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Ana Santos

Operations and Logistic

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